Our nursery on Woodville Road in Boston is situated in a residential area close to Staniland Primary School and not far from the town centre and the A52 Sleaford Road.

The nursery opened in 2004 in a large, modern family home but doubled in size in 2015 when we purchased the house next door and linked the two properties to create a light, airy and modern preschool room, providing 40 additional places.

Upstairs two well equipped playrooms are dedicated to younger children: the baby room offers a quiet and comforting space for babies, while younger toddlers can use a more spacious room with a baby gym. A separate bedroom with full-sized cots allows restful sleep according to each child’s own routines and sleep patterns.  

Downstairs the toddler room has space for 16 two to three-year-olds, with an arts and crafts area, a role play area and a toddler gym with stairs and a slide. At around three years old the children move to our preschool room where there are even more opportunities for outdoor play and learning.

As well as giving us more room indoors, the extension has provided more outdoor space too: the gardens have doubled in size, so all the children have the opportunity to explore, play and learn in the natural environment.
We advocate healthy eating and have a dedicated cook who prepares freshly cooked and nutritious meals for the children, sourcing fresh, local or home-grown produce where possible. Our nursery has a five-star food hygiene rating from Boston Borough Council.

All children have the opportunity to be part of the wider community, going for walks around the local area, visiting the park and using amenities such as the library, railway station and shops. We pride ourselves on being part of the community and plan fundraising activities throughout the year for local and national charities.

The manager at Boston is our Senior Nursery Manager, Kristina Johnson.