12 March 2024

A Visit From the Boston Air Cadets!

Vicky, who works in the Preschool Room at Mon Ami Swineshead, volunteers at the 141 Boston Squadron RAF Air Cadets, visited the children and staff in her uniform with her son, Jacob (FS Cawthorne)! 
The children were so excited to see Vicky in her cadet uniform and Jacob spoke with the children about the cadets and what they do, teaching them lots of exciting facts. 
They learnt all about the different uniforms the RAF cadets wear, talking about the Working Blue 2c, the Wedgewood 2a and the Green No. 3 uniforms. 
The children haven’t stopped talking about it since, asking when the cadets will be back, dressing up in our role-play uniforms and wanting to ‘march like Vicky’. 
Definitely some future cadets here!