1 April 2020

Unwelcome visitors at Mon Ami Boston

Just this morning at our Nursery in Boston, we have had three grown men break into the garden that is normally used by the children and then use our shed to smoke in.
We find it truly appalling that they chose to do this, especially in our current position of lockdown.😢
We are trying to keep our children, staff and families safe and doing what we can to support those working on the frontline and we are then faced with this. This just puts everyone at more risk and strains the vital services even more.
Please could we ask our local community to help keep us and everyone safe and contact us if you have any further information and please report any suspicious behaviours.

Following on from being at the Nursery, they were then seen at Staniland school and they have also called the police.

We are, of course, doing all we can to ensure the safety and security of the children at all times.