5 February 2024

Mon Ami Boston Celebrates an Exceptional Ofsted Report!

The Ofsted report for Mon Ami Children's Nursery in Boston has recently been published!
The inspector had lots of exceptional comments to make about the nursery, particularly regarding the staff team's excellent systems in place to promote each child's unique learning and development journey through a 'flexible and adaptable' curriculum, identifying emerging gaps and ensuring the appropriate support is quickly implemented. 
She noted that children are 'happy, confident and engaged' at the nursery and commented on the nursery's strong partnerships with parents, extending children's learning beyond the nursery doors. The overall well-being of the staff team was also commented on numerous times throughout the report, with leaders and managers described as using 'effective performance management systems to support staff’s positive well-being and continued professional development' and staff feeling 'motivated', 'valued' and 'happy in their roles'.
During the inspection, the inspector had the opportunity to speak with several parents, mentioning that 'parents speak highly of their children's care' and 'comment that their children are making progress in their learning and are happy'. She also noted that 'staff work closely with parents to support children's development at home'. This includes holding Open Evenings for parents to come in and speak with staff about their children's progress, providing at-home learning bags for families to borrow, providing educational leaflets and handouts to promote at-home learning, and much more. 

Further examples of the inspector's comments include: 
‘Staff play alongside children, skilfully supporting their learning and development across a wide range of subjects.’
‘Children’s learning and development are promoted continuously.’
‘Staff identify any emerging gaps in children’s development. When gaps are found, leaders and managers act quickly to make sure that children receive the support they need.’

We would like to thank our wonderful staff team who go over and above to provide the very best for the children in our care. We are so proud of our team at Mon Ami Boston and feel that this report really reflects all the hard work they put into ensuring every child is given the very best care, opportunities and Early Years education. A huge thank you must also go to our parents and families for taking the time to speak to the Ofsted inspector.