12 January 2021


Although we are all in the middle of another lockdown, Nurseries are able to remain open to all children.

This is really good news for the children and we are pleased to be able to remain open and ensure continued routines, fun and learning for everyone.

We appreciate that there may be some families that are anxious about keeping children safe and we would like to reiterate all that we are doing to minimise the risk of possible infection.

We continue to work under all identified risk assessments and comprehensive site operating procedures. 

We have very thorough and regular cleaning schedules in place so that we can try and limit the risk of cross infection across all ages.

Effective handwashing is extremely important for us all and the children are very good at doing this and at regular intervals through the day. We still sing our handwashing songs too!

We have been asking since the Autumn term that parents and all visitors wear a face covering when dropping off and collecting children and the staff wear these too. Any staff that may be at one of the settings different to the one they are based in, will wear a mask throughout the day. Current guidelines suggest that it is not effective for staff that are consitently with the children to wear a face covering. Young children need to see the whole face and the expressions made as this helps their communication development and confidence.

We work closely with all legislation and will put everything that we can in place that is recommended by the Government and the Local Authority to ensure everyone's safety.

Of course, we welcome you to contact us at any time if you have any questions about the measures we have in place.

Again our sincerest thanks for your support and understanding.