9 December 2021

Contingency Planning at Mon Ami Nurseries

On Wednesday 8th December 2021 the Prime Minister announced the implementation of Plan B of the Covid response.

The Government are absolute clear about the critical importance of not disrupting the education of young children and will prioritise keeping open all education and childcare settings.

We continue to work with all Government guidelines and documents and are doing all that we can to ensure everyone remains as safe and well as possible.

Currently there are not many changes to the practices we currently have in place and we continue to offer our normal service to all families.

This includes continuing to ask all parents and carers to wear a face covering when dropping off and collecting children and staff will continue to do this too.

Visitors to the setting when children are in attendance are kept to those that are essential only. Show rounds for new families wishing to see the setting have been and continue to be asked to visit after 6pm once all children have gone home.

Guidelines for anyone displaying symptoms or having a positive lateral flow test remain the same. A PCR test MUST be taken and individuals must isolate until a negative result is received or remain isolating if a positive result is received. Contact tracing is managed by NHS Test and Trace. Lateral Flow Tests alone cannot be used to determine whether an individual has Covid-19 or not.

Isolation requirements have not altered, unless the Omicron variant is detected and then individuals will be required to isolate regardless of age and vaccine status.

Any further changes or restrictions that come into force will be communicated to all families and staff via email as quickly as possible.