1 September 2021

Changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage

Changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) come into effect from 1st September 2021.

The EYFS comprises of two main parts, the statutory requirements which set out everything that we must do and then the learning and development requirements.

We have been working through this document and have made some developments with our planning. We now use In The Moment planning and focus on children's interests for starting points for planning activities and resources. The key aim is, as it should be, that key people know their children well. To achieve this we rely on parents and families help too, so please do share ideas and information with us as much as possible.

We are still using Tapestry as a way of sharing children's learning and develoopment and would love for parents and carers to use this as a way of sharing with us.

There is information online for parents and carers and the following link is for a document which is a really good guide for Development Matters and how children learn.


There is also a focus on Oral Health in young children and, whilst we have always had regard for this and promoted it with children, there is lots of information for everyone to access. If you would like anything further please do ask!