28 March 2022

Celebrating World Autism Acceptance Week!

We have been busy celebrating World Autism Acceptance Week (28th March - 3rd April) and World Autism Awareness Day (2nd April) throughout our Mon Ami nurseries, which has sparked lots of blue-themed activities and some brilliant discussion!

At Swineshead, the children have been busy exploring some exciting sensory tuff tray setups full of all things blue, from feathers to toothbrushers and paint rollers. They have also enjoyed moulding, cutting and building with some blue play dough in a variety of shades - lots of really imaginative creations! Then, we put our aprons on, ready to get messy with some blue bubble painting and water play!

At Boston, the children have been been exploring the sensory toys and some blue painting activities. The children have enjoyed a variety of sensory tuff tray setups with seeds, coloured rice, coloured pasta and a variety of utensils including cups, scoops, bowls and jugs - lots of fun texture and sound exploration! This was followed by a bubbly water tray activity with lots of blue toys, syringes and tubes. 

At Alford, the children have been engaging in some literacy and mathematics based activities, following the outline of letters and numbers in lots of shades of blue. The children then went outside on a frog-saving mission to rescue the toy frogs that were stuck in some blue jelly! This was a great sensory activity and the children enjoyed exploring the texture and smell of the jelly. We also had fun making our own blue play dough and using it to create some impressive dough-cakes!

At Wragby, the children also had fun making their own blue play dough, measuring out each ingredient and mixing it all together. They also engaged in some foamy blue water play and explored blue gloop! We also played a game of 'Find the Blue Pom-Poms', hidden in a tuff tray full of blue craft materials. Lots of lovely blue themed messy play!

Lots of brilliant discussion about the colour blue and why we celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week and World Autism Awareness Day.